Accentuating the “International” in IAMTW

News from IAMTW Executive Vice President D. J. Stevenson:  The IAMTW is expanding its membership criteria and inviting those who translate media tie-ins to join.  It makes no difference if the work is in to English or out of English.  As long as the product they are translating is a tie-in, it counts.

We want to expand IAMTW’s scope, increase our number of members, and provide for even more networking and job opportunities.  In addition to bringing their considerable skill and creative expertise, translators will hopefully introduce the IAMTW to their source material’s authors and editors.  And no doubt, in many cases translators will also be editors and authors themselves.  This added diversity will make the IAMTW an even more far-reaching and influential group of professionals.  It will benefit the organization as a whole, and all its members as well.

Please help spread the word regarding this exciting new development.  And stay tuned for more to come.

Photo: Shutterstock / Aysezgicmeli